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The Future of Perpetual DEXs
We Believe Decentralization!

Our architecture was tailored to push the limits of decentralized trading,
with a technical stack built to support advanced charting functionality,
new synthetic assets, trading automation, and much more.

We are soon on;

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Stealth Launch on August 30th, 15:00 UTC


Perpetual Exchange

Major activities within The X Finance exchange include:

  • 01. Backing the perpetual vault and leveraged trading by minting or redeeming The X

Platform Overview

Fully on-chain order book perpetual exchange where users can create positions against performance of synthetic assets with leverage up to 100x.

  • 02. Creating or closing leveraged positions on supported synthetic assets
  • 03. Transactions typically take a long time to complete.
  • 04. Managing pending or open positions with triggered ordes
  • 05. Staking The X Finance or XFIN for various ecosystem rewards


Trading Features

The X Finance exchange provides traders with a powerful platform for leveraged trading supported by robust hybrid on-chain and off-chain architecture. We believe that combining the best of blockchain technology and proven, server-hosted capabilities allows users to benefit from self-custody without sacrificing performance and reliability.

  • The X Stream Price Feeds
  • API Endpoints
  • Alerts and Notifications

Leveraged Positions

Traders may create long or short positions with up to 100 leverage on certain assets with USD as the quote currency. Asset prices are synthetic and are derived from oracles and price data derived from several enterprise data sources through our custom Stream price feed.


  • Referral Management
Additional benefits are planned to layer on additional value for network referrals

 As featured in:

What is The X Exchange?

The X Exchange Key Features:

Margin trading: We have created a cutting-edge decentralized exchange that lets users join without having to go through the KY process that centralized exchanges need, users remain anonymous, and investors custody-related action still controls assets. 100%

Decentralized Trading

The X Exchange Borrow brings complete transparency with easier access to assets for any remittance process without any third party. It offers the simplest loan process; borrowers need to have a cryptocurrency wallet and open Smart contracts. The X Exchange provides a censorship-free environment, which means no preferences while ensuring immutability.

Tools are a series of pages that will be able to help our user and are complementary to the experience offered by The X Exchange, along with 3 special features in the tool section, such as Farm, Bridge, and Swap.
Referral Program: The function is being worked on and should stabilize the The X Exchange ecosystem


Low tax trading:
To promote trading activity for $XFIN and increase the solvency of the insurance fund while providing investors with a lower APR, The X Exchange charges a low trading fee of 0.5% for buying and 0.5% for selling.

key features

$XFIN Distribution

Token Economy

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$XFIN Contract Address: 

The X Exchange is supported by a robust token infrastructure to facilitate community member rewards and other utility.

3% Investors & Partners

Allocated towards future investment rounds for The X Finance. These allocations will be subject to new cliff and vesting periods.

5% Marketing fund

Reserved for marketing rewards, including distributions via Binance partnerships and co-marketing efforts with partners.

7% X team

6-month cliff with linear vesting for 36 months, starting from the time of onboarding.

2% Advisors

6 month cliff with linear vesting for 18 months, starting from the time of onboarding.

3% Airdrop

Allocated towards future Airdrop & Giveaway rounds for The X Finance. These allocations will be subject to new cliff and vesting periods.

76,5% Liquidty Pool

Locked to 3 Years on BSCSCAN. 

The primary utility token of the The X Exchange ecosystem.

$XFIN Contract Address: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000



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$XFIN is the liquidity provider token for The X Exchange platform. It's based on $BNB staking, and can be redeemed for $BNB at any time. Anybody can stake $BNB to mint $XFIN and earn fees based on generated trading volume on the platform

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In order to Mint $XFIN you need to:

01. Bridge $BNB from any ecosystem to The X Network.
02. Stake $BNB (ensure that some $XFIN is available in your wallet to pay for the network transaction fees) by entering the amount of $XFIN you'd like to mint.


There were no fees for minting $XFIN during the Hyper $XFIN period. Currently for $XFIN there is a 0.15% fee for minting and redeeming. Redeeming XFIN is just as simple by entering the amount of $XFIN and selecting the stablecoin you'd like to redeem for (with USDT being the only available option at time of launch).

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Every time a $new XFIN is minted, it will start a 2-day cooldown period for your $XFIN balance. After this period, $XFIN balance can be redeemed for $USD at any time until any new $XFIN is minted. In addition to the staking function for minting $XFIN, users also have the ability to whitelist wallets or contracts that can stake on their behalf. In the future this will be used to allow cross-chain staking functionality.

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Staking Rewards

By staking their $XFIN, users receive a share of 10% of the total perpetual fees in $XFIN for each corresponding rewards cycle. Reward Cycle O will pay out a fixed amount of $XFIN rewards for XFIN stakers

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The X Finance Team

At The X Finance, we believe that success is a team effort. That's why we've assembled a talented group of individuals who bring their unique skills and experiences to the table. Meet our team!

2023-07-31 12.09.01.jpg

Elizabeth Warren


Screenshot 2023-04-02 at 12.12.05.png

Khan Francis


Screenshot 2023-04-02 at 12.13.33.png

Samuel B. Terri

Marketing Manager

Together, our team of 11 professionals is dedicated to providing the best service possible to our clients. Whether you're looking for technical support, marketing advice, or simply have a question, we're here to help. Get in touch with us today to see how we can work together to achieve your goals.

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